Dispute Resolution Policy

We have designed our website and platform to be as fair (to both buyers and sellers), transparent and trouble-free as possible. We want everyone’s experience of our website to be as positive as possible. At the same time, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. This may be due to someone acting in an unfair way and not following our rules, and sometimes it is for reasons beyond anyone’s control. The purpose of this policy is to capture the types of things that can go wrong and explain how we will deal with them.

The overriding principle we will apply is fairness, to both the buyer and the seller. We will, at all times, try to be transparent and consistent. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with our users, and believe treating everyone fairly is the best way to do this. Where we reasonably believe that a user of the website, whether a buyer or a seller, is acting dishonestly and attempting to defraud us or the other party in a transaction then we reserve the right to terminate that user’s account and prevent them from using the website in future.

We have tried to capture as many scenarios as possible in this document, but it is not meant to be exhaustive and there are bound to be potential issues that we have not covered. If you have a problem not listed below, don’t worry, we will still do our best to help you, and our principles of fairness and transparency will still apply.

There are four main kinds of issues that may crop up: tickets don’t arrive; tickets arrive, but they aren’t as described; the buyer is refused entry to the event; or the event is cancelled or postponed. Each of those issue types has a number of possible scenarios; we will deal with each below.

If you do have a problem you need to tell us about it within 48 hours of the event. We don’t pay the seller of the tickets until after the event has taken place and we are reasonably confident that everything was ok. Because we want to be fair to sellers as well as buyers, we don’t want to delay payments unnecessarily, and that is why we need to put this 48 hour limit in place. Ordinarily if you report a problem more than 48 hours after the event this will be too late. This does not mean you should not report a problem after 48 hours, you absolutely should, and if there are exceptional circumstances, we may still be able to help you.

Tickets don’t arrive or there is an issue with delivery

When you set up your account it is important that the details you give us are correct. If you change address, don’t forget to update your profile. If you buy tickets and they are sent to an incorrect or old address due to your profile not having been updated, then you will not be entitled to a refund.

Once you have purchased tickets, we give the seller a delivery deadline by which we expect them to have shipped the tickets to you. We encourage sellers to deliver tickets as soon as possible, but there may be factors outside of their control, such as late dispatch by the event organisers. As the deadline approaches if we have still not received confirmation that the tickets have been dispatched our system will prompt the seller to remind them to send the tickets.

If the seller does not meet the dispatch deadline, we reserve the right to cancel the transaction and step in to secure replacement tickets for the buyer, in accordance with our Ticket Replacement Policy set out below. Where we have cancelled a transaction for this reason, the seller will not receive payment. In addition, the seller may be liable for any additional costs we incur in sourcing replacement tickets, including, but not limited to; administrative costs, the difference in ticket price, and any increase in shipping costs necessary to get the replacement tickets to the buyer in good time.

At our discretion, we may extend the dispatch deadline, but we will only do so when we reasonably believe the seller will comply with the new deadline, and the tickets will arrive with the buyer in good time.

Where we are unable to source suitable replacement tickets, then the buyer will receive a full refund.

If the tickets are dispatched, but do not arrive, then we will attempt to source replacement tickets for the buyer. If the seller has fully complied with the ticket sale procedure, and has met the dispatch deadline, then the seller will receive payment for the transaction as per the Beeyay Guarantee. If we are unable to source suitable tickets, then the buyer will receive a full refund.

If the tickets arrive, but the seller has used an expired delivery label or there is some other issue and the buyer incurs a cost to release the package then that cost will be refunded to the buyer (on receipt of satisfactory evidence) and that cost and any reasonable administrative fee will be deducted from the sum to be paid to the seller for the transaction.

Tickets are not as described

When selling tickets, it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure the listing is accurate. If the buyer receives the tickets, and they are not as described, then while we will try to resolve matters as best we can for both parties, our priority will be to the buyer that has been mis-sold the tickets. When we are informed of an issue like this we will first contact the seller for an explanation. Mistakes can be made, and it may simply be a case of the wrong tickets being sent. If this is the case, we will ensure the seller sends the correct tickets to you at no additional cost to you. You will need to return the incorrect tickets at the seller’s expense.

If you have received tickets that are not as described and the seller is unable to supply the correct tickets either because they don’t have them or there isn’t time, then there are several options available to you. The first is that you can accept the tickets you have received. If the tickets are materially different to the description (please see our Ticket Replacement Policy to understand what this means) we will, in good faith, calculate a reasonable percentage refund for you. In these circumstances the seller will still receive a payment, but we will deduct an administration charge and any sum refunded from the sale proceeds due to the seller.

If the tickets are materially different from the description you can reject the tickets and ask us to source replacement tickets for you, in accordance with our Ticket Replacement Policy. If we are unable to source suitable replacement tickets then the buyer will be entitled to a full refund. In these circumstances the seller will not receive payment for the transaction and will be liable to pay an administrative fee as well as any additional costs we incur in sourcing replacement tickets.

Your final option, should the tickets be materially different from the description, is to receive a full refund. In this case the seller will not receive payment for the transaction and will be liable to pay administrative costs and any shipping costs for returning the mis-sold tickets.

If you receive tickets that are correct, but are damaged, contact us a quickly as possible. We will ask you to send us some evidence of the damaged tickets and the packaging they arrived in. This will help us determine of the tickets are usable and if they were damaged before or during transit. If they aren’t usable, then we will attempt to source replacement tickets or arrange a refund for you.

Ticketholder is refused entry

Where the buyer has purchased ticket(s) with a restriction and they were aware of that restriction, then the buyer assumes the risk associated with that restriction. If access to the event is refused in these circumstances the seller will receive their payment for that transaction and the buyer will not be entitled to a refund.

If there were restrictions on a ticket that were not disclosed to the buyer (and the seller would reasonably have been aware of those restrictions) and the buyer is refused access to the event for reasons related to that restriction, then the seller will not receive payment for that transaction, and the buyer will receive a full refund. In these circumstances we ask that the buyer requests evidence from the venue stating why they were refused access. This will help us in our investigation and allow us to process the refund promptly.

If a buyer, or someone in their party is refused access to the event for a reason other than a ticket restriction they should contact us as soon as possible after the event so we can investigate. We will need to understand the reasons for refusal before we can make a determination, so any evidence that can be supplied to us in relation to the refusal will be most helpful. Depending on the individual circumstances the seller may still be entitled to payment, otherwise we will provide them with any evidence we receive in order to assist them in securing a refund from their original point of purchase. Again, depending on the circumstances, the buyer may be entitled to a refund.

Event is cancelled or postponed

If an event is cancelled, then any transaction related to the event will also be cancelled. Any buyers will receive a full refund of any sums paid. In these circumstances the seller will not receive payment for the transaction and should contact the primary ticket supplier for their refund.

If an event is postponed and rescheduled the purchase will carry forward to the rescheduled date. Tickets will normally be automatically valid for the new date, but if this is not the case then re-issued tickets will be sent to the buyer. The seller will be paid for the transaction, though the payment schedule will be based on the new event date.

If the buyer can no longer attend the event, then we may require them to re-list the tickets for sale on our platform. We may at our discretion waive our fees in this instance.

Ticket Replacement Policy

This policy tells you how we will handle an issue where the tickets you have received are not as they were described, or where your tickets have not arrived and we need to source replacement tickets for you.

We have used the term “materially different” a few times above. When we say materially different, we mean that the ticket or tickets you have received would be considered a clear downgrade compared to those you purchased. So, if the tickets you received were of a higher grade than those listed, or are closer to the action, or would reasonably be considered an upgrade, then we would not treat them as materially different.

There are some other circumstances where we would not consider the tickets to be materially different; where the venue or organiser has rearranged the seating due to production changes or where the tickets are the same grade, in the same section (or a different but equivalent section) and in a row no further back than the seats specified in the original listing.

Here are a few things that we would consider materially different. Like the list above, it is not meant to be exhaustive and every issue will be treated on a case by case basis. A material difference would be; where the tickets were of a lessor grade; where the tickets were of a lower face value; where the tickets were located in a row further back than the original listing; where there is some restriction on use or view (such as restricted view, concession ticket, disabled ticket or age restriction for example) that was not stated on the original listing.

Where any replacement tickets we source for you, or where the tickets you receive from the seller are not materially different from the listing, as defined above, then you are expected to accept the tickets. We will endeavour to provide advance warning of any change to the tickets, and we expect sellers to advise us in advance of any changes to the tickets they will be providing so that we can consider, at our absolute discretion, whether the change is acceptable.

Where the tickets, or replacement tickets, are materially different, then we will calculate, in good faith, an amount of the price you paid to be refunded to you as compensation for the lower quality tickets. The maximum amount you could receive in compensation is the price you paid for the tickets.